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In the studio... Cultivate Art Collective

Want to know what Cultivate Art Collective has been up to?

Rachelle Panagarry and her assistant Charlotte have been busy preparing to take the Big Apple by storm. Cultivate Art Collective is making its Printsource debut this month, January 13th and 14th. Here are some behind the scenes shots of the hustle & bustle going on.

                                                    Claudia Owen

                                                   Claudia Owen

                                                    Willow Berry Studio aka  me

                                                    Willow Berry Studio aka me

Above, a few sneak peaks of Presentation Portfolios and below Rachelle & Charlotte all the way from Lancashire, UK, in their NYC hotel room getting down to business preparing for the show.

If you are in search of a variety of unique textile & surface pattern designs come by Booth A17 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC on January 13 & 14th and meet the lovely ladies of Cultivate Art Collective. To see a list of artists whose work will be represented just click here.

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