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Fun Find... Toby

The weekend before last I took a long walk through the woods and found all kinds of interesting textures and colors. I came back with spider webs in my hair, my hands overflowing with little treasures and a new palette to explore.


Last weekend I went for a long walk in the woods and came back with spiderwebs in my hair just like before but this time my hands were full with a four legged creature! I heard some strange yelping sounds in the woods, in my mind I pictured a dog trying to get help for its owner so I went to investigate. I couldn't find anything and almost headed back home when I saw a puppy behind a tree wagging its tail and looking at me. He was clearly in distress so I took him home and got him some food and water. Asking around I found out that 2 female puppies that looked just like him had been found 3 weeks before. Someone had dropped them off and left them. After trying to find a home for the little guy for a day we decided his home was with us. So now we have a half german shepherd, quarter beagle and judging by his tail a quarter racoon named Toby.

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Fun Find... MOYO Magazine