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Travel Journal... Weekend in New York City

Well, I just couldn't stand it, I had to see what Surtex was all about and go to some of the fun meet ups I had been hearing about. I got my son to go with me and we went off on our own little adventure. We flew into LaGuardia and took a taxi to our hotel near the convention center. Since my son didn't really have any plans, he let me do what I wanted, he might just have knocked my husband out of the running for my travel partner, plus, his knickname is the "Navigator" for getting us around in our car through Italy, France and Germany so he is pretty handy to have around. 

We checked in, threw our baggage in the room and headed right back out. I'm a huge Project Runway fan so our first stop was Mood. It was a lot bigger than I had imagined and all I could do was stand there with my mouth wide open, I could spend days in there! Next we were off to Greenwich Village, we ate at a yummy Italian restaurant and then went to the site where they filmed outside shots of the tv series Friends. We then made a quick trip to the hotel to change so we could go to the Broadway show Les Miserable. We had had plans to see it my son's senior year of high school when we were in New York, but there was some kind of strike going on so it was on our "to do" list.

The next day we went to a thrift store on our way to Central Park. We couldn't help but chuckle at the park, it seems as if every dad that had his kids at the park was having to chase a stray ball or get a frisbee out of the trees. After that little bit of amusement we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Again, I just stood there with my mouth open, I could spend days there!  Upon leaving the museum we made a quick fly by a outdoor flea market and then onto our last stop of the day, a Yankee's baseball game. The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed the game.

MATS meet up


Monday was a full day too! It began with an early morning meet up at Surtex with Cherish and the Art of Licensing group, I got to meet some of my internet friends there and then a quick stop at the Cultivate Art Collective booth. This was my first time to ever walk Surtex and I was on visual overload, I once again stood there gaping with my mouth wide open, I could spend days in there! After walking around all day and going to a few of the seminars they offered I went back to my hotel for an hour before heading out for the Make Art That Sells meet up in West Village. My cab driver dropped me off 3 or 4 blocks from the restaurant and told me to walk the rest of the way, hmmm...anyway it was such a treat to meet everyone in person. The perfect ending to the perfect trip!

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