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Fun Find... Aunt Vivian's Singer & Uppercase


I love Uppercase magazine and was so excited to find out that a picture of my Great Aunt Vivian's 1946 sewing machine will be in issue #20! If you haven't heard about it you have got to check it out, oh, and be sure to watch the video, very inspiring. And in honor of my Great Aunt Vivian, here is some Singer memorabilia that I have collected...


I have several Singer antique trading cards. Apparently you could order the cabinet-table in any kind of wood that you desired and "finished to match the most ornate furnishings." Not sure about the copyright date on the trading card above but the two below are dated 1899. The Singer paint card above, which someone wrote 1903 on, says "Take a wooden toothpick, match, feather, or, best of all, a brush: wet slightly in water and rub it on the block of color required." I guess these were fun little giveaways.


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